Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair

If there's issues with your ice maker, get in touch with the specialists at Stanton Appliance Repair of Stanton.

At Stanton Appliance Repair, our team offers excellence in ice maker repairs and care at the most affordable rate. Our specialized team can help with a range of ice makers, including:

• Portable & Countertop Ice Makers

• Built-In & Undercounter Ice Makers

• Modular Ice Machines

• Self-Contained Ice Machines

Common Ice Maker Issues We Can Repair

If any of the issues below are causing you grief, then get in touch ASAP!

High freezer temperature

A high temperature freezer will not allow for ice cube curation. By utilizing a thermometer, you can assess the appliances temperature. If exceeding 0 degrees Fahrenheit, lower the temperature.

Give your ice maker a few hours to regress in temperature and normal operating. If there is no fix, give us a ring. Our team will be out to tend to your needs right away.

No ice in the ice maker tray

This is common result of a lack of water in the ice maker. Commonly, low water pressure or a defect in the inlet valve cause this.

A malfunctioning valve could also be due to a buildup of elements, which rejects the release of efficient water release. It could also be due to an electrical fault. One of our trained ice maker experts will be able to decipher the cause and sort a practical answer.

Ice machine doesn't eject ice

If your machine won't eject produced ice, then it is most likely due to an assembly issue. It may only be a solitary motor concern; the entirety of the assembly would need to be substituted.

Finding individual compartments are a difficult task. Ice-makers will vary from one appliance to another, though, overall design will have similarities. This will mean ice maker parts may be compatible with multiple models and brands.

The ice maker is leaking

If you notice water leakage on the floor, there is a list of possible solutions to go through prior to phoning a professional. Assess the level of your appliance; if it's not level then there's an issue. Check the line for water to see if there are any abnormalities.

Additionally, assess the fill cup to ensure there is proper alignment within the water funnel. If they are aligned, get in touch with us to have a better look as there may be something more sinister. Do not take a leak lightly, even the smallest leak could turn problematic, which may damage your home.

Defective thermostats, ice level controls and icemaker switches all prevent issues creating ice.

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