Oven Repair

Oven Repair

The oven is a staple of any home. We're sure you have memories of coming home to the smell of a parent or grandparents specialty dis that you love oh so much. But imagine if that mysterious machine to make those experiences all possible stops working?

Sadness and disappointment I'm sure would be some of the few emotions traversing your brain but it doesn't have to be that way.

When to Call a Professional

If your oven is experiencing any of the following it may be time to give Stanton Appliance Repair a call.

Wrong temperature

If your oven is too cold or way too hot then the temperature system in it is malfunctioning and needs to be corrected or it could mean salmonella or a burnt roast you've been dying to eat for multiple hours.

Won't Start

Most people still have gas ovens so a broken valve or igniter is most likely your issue but that also means gas is leaking into your home and needs to be remedied immediately. For those with electrical, your power supply is causing some serious issues and might need an electrician to be solved.

The oven light won't turn on

A faulty electronic control, light switch or connecting wire could be the source of your woes if replacing the bulb doesn't solve anything.

The appliance door doesn't open or shut

Just like any door or latch, there is a problem with the hinge. However, it involves a lot of deconstruction and you'd rather have a professional do it properly since reattachment is where most people have their issue.

The oven doesn't self-clean

This problem could be a result of a faulty door switch. The self-cleaning cycle can't start unless the door is locked. Other causes could be an oven control board or wiring. Our oven repair specialists can examine your appliance and quickly identify the specific problem.

Why Choose Stanton Appliance Repair of Stanton?

When you work with us you're working with a trusted group of individuals who've known what they're doing for nearly 2 decades. Training is one of the key components to which we can attribute our success. Our business isn't in appliance repair primarily it's in people. Honesty and courtesy are most important when dealing with our clients.

We try our best to be informative and give as much information and value as we can as to not leave you in the dark. Great quotes, better customer service and the best value money can buy is what you get from us at Stanton Appliance Repair.